Why Reading is Good For You

reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body에 대한 이미지 결과

Hello! I’m Ellie. In this post, I want to talk about why you should read. Ever since I could walk, I could read, and ever since I could read, it was my ultimate dream to be able to do nothing but read all day, every day. Of course, now that I’m older, I am aware that as much as it would be amazing, it is impossible. As a teenager, homework and social drama is basically all that occupies your mind. But whenever I find time to spare, mostly at the weekends and holidays, I completely absorb myself in reading.

There are many benefits to reading. One of them is that reading relaxes your mind. A good book can suck you in the beautiful world between its pages, and make you never want to escape. Another is linked to education and schoolwork: in the long term, reading supports the stimulation of mind, offers knowledge you otherwise would not have encountered, and expands vocabulary. All of these things will come in handy as you grow up and into reality. 

One other good thing is that reading strengthens your memory:  believe it or not, it is scientifically proven. When you are reading, you have to remember the characters, their names, relationships, and other details, as well as sub-plots and various scenes. That’s a lot, but brains remember these things with relative ease. Every single new memory creates brain memory pathways and strengthens existing ones, which assists in stabilizing moods and short term memory recall. Amazing, right?

Reading also improves your concentration, focus and analytical and logical thinking skills. If you’ve ever read a mystery or thriller novel, and were able to work it out before it was revealed, then it means that you were able to put analytical thinking to work by sorting provided details to determine the solution. 

As well as these, you gain better writing skills (handy if you’re an author, or an aspiring one, like me) by acquiring and using the good writing put to use in the book. If these reasons aren’t enough to make you pick up a book RIGHT NOW, then just think of books as free entertainment, at least when you burrow them from the local library!

-Ellie ❤️



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